ipad pro m1 + reloop mixon 4 // low volume output

I just got a Mixon 4 about 3wks ago and i was excited to use it with my ipad pro. I’m switching from the Numark iDJ pro that I’ve used for the last 8yrs and loved it. For some reason when i connect my iPad the output volume is really really low compared to my computer. Is there a fix for this?

Hi @DJBla5tOff, welcome to the community,

  1. Please check the Main Volume level at the top of the Settings page.
  2. Also, can you share a screen shot of your Settings>Audio Devices?
  3. What iOS and djay Pro versions are you using?
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Hi again @DJBla5tOff, just following up to see if that solved your issue. Thanks!

Helped me too thanks

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Also check…

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For me, it was the volume of the iPad was turned down.

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