IPad Pro Usb-c connection & reloop Beatpad controller

Hello, I just bought the iPad Pro 2018 and tried to connect my beatpad 1 controller with an anker adapter to fit in the usb-c port of the iPad Pro but nothing is working. As it’s a native controller of Algoriddim I would please you guys to give me a solution for this problem, tried to google it but didn’t find anything, thanks.

Hello Pierre, I own a Reloop Mixon 4 and a Apple iPad Pro with USB-C port. So I encountered the exact same problem. My solution you need to order a usb-c to usb-b cable. The perfect place is a company called  D J Tech Tool, goggle it. The cable is 6ft choice of 5 different colors @ $14.99.  Floyd

Thanks Floyd I just bought 2 :slight_smile: