IPad Pro with Rane 72 & Rane 12's

Will there be a way for me to use my IPad Pro with either the Rane 72mk2 and the Rane 12’s very soon. Still like the aspect of a touch screen for my track selection. Just hoping to get some word on when that possibility will be available to folks that bought the IPad Pro to use with either DJay Pro or DJay Pro AI.


Thank you for getting in touch. We are currently supporting Rane TWELVE MKII and Rane SEVENTY natively with djay for iOS.

We also added your thread as a request to support the Rane SEVENTY-TWO, thank you for pointing that out.

Can you also explain or expand upon; how do you power your IPad whilst using the 72 or 72MK2…are the USB A/B hubs in the back providing power along with data transfer???

Depending on your iOS device you have to use a camera adapter kit in order to charge your iOS device and simultaneously connect to the Rane device.

You mean like a USB Hub like this…For IPad Pro 3rd Generation USB-C…

Would that device work???

Please note that the connection of USB Camera Kit to USB is working natively for the Rane SEVENTY. We currently are not supporting the Rane SEVENTY TWO but are looking into the topic and are looking forward get more feedback and request for the mixer from our users.


Hello I use the 72 and two 12 players from Rane. But I can’t connect them to my iPad. I do have a USB Camera hub and the iPad found the 72. But the instructions are completely fail. What I do wrong?

I would love to be able to use DJAY on my Rane 72/twelves (mk1) and with DVS! Hopefully this coming soon?

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Thanks for posting for the first time to the community!

While we cannot speak on future additions to djay I can say that your feedback has been passed along to our dev team for further consideration.

Have a good day!

@Lukas_E Why is the RANE 72 MK!! not listed in the hardware page for iOS then. Its been 16 months since you said it was supported for iOS… I am trying to put together a new system, and it is impossible to know what truly is and is not supported, due to conflicting information given by algoriddim. Support tells me one thing, I read here something else. Please Algoriddim, please update your hardware page of what is natively supported.


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