IPAD problems with paid subscription iOS.

i have IPAD air 3rd generation with bionic processor, running 13.5.1 latest version.
i have djayproai paid subscription. Latest download version.
i have a hdd connected to iPad via usb3 to camera adaptor.
all music sits on hdd. I can access all music ok via files app.

on djay iOS I have the following three issues… can anyone help, please?

  1. I have set up a playlist. I have 6000+ music tracks on my hdd in various folders. I have to go into each folder and then ‘select all’ add tracks separately for each folder. Is there a way to add all to library without having to navigate to each folder?

  2. once I have populated the library and analysed ( with 100 sample tracks ) I then try and order by release date, but the list stays the same. Tried filters and nothing shows up. All released metadata is correct on every file. Is this a known issue?

  3. once library populated, some tracks are greyed out and will not load. The files play ok in files app and tested music files on pc ok. If I go to files, share and open with djay, they load and play, but still greyed out in list. Common problem? Still to be sorted? Seems issue could be a few years old? Any advice please? I have a paid subscription and can not get it to work as I want. The greyed out files are sometimes different each time?

if anyone can help with the above, it would be very much appreciated.

thank you very much