iPad repeat song/video

Hello everyone! Is there a way to repeat songs/videos? It’s not as big of a deal with songs in a DJ environment, obviously, but with video this is hugely important if you’re playing very short ambient videos with visualizations that are meant to play on loop. Ideas?

Hi Trey,

are you talking about the djay Pro video integration?

Videos which are shorter than the accompanying music will be looped till the end of the song.

Lukas E.

Thanks Lukas - Not exactly. I’m actually using djay Pro, in this case, as solely VJ software for visualizations - not loading them on top of other audio songs, but loading them directly into the main track (as in selecting the icon in the corner, and choosing the video directly). I’m doing this in a multi-DJ environment in which other DJs are using other computers, and I’m simply doing the video. However, if for example I’m trying to use the Luma crossfade effect to bring an ambient video into another video, obviously if the ambient video is short (e.g., 15 seconds) it will continue to stop while the longer video is playing.

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated!