iPad set lists

DJAY FOR IPAD - I just recorded a set. I don’t always remember the tracks. Does DJAY save set lists or history lists? and can this be exported in some way?

Please make in a feature in iPad app. People ask me all the time. Do you have a set-list after a gig. This would be a great feature.

Hi Marcus,

This is currently not supported in djay for iPad. I’ll change your question into an “idea”.

Is there a way to see a listing of tracks played at a gig on an ipad? If so how do you do it?
Thank You

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Track History on Ipad.

Thanks but don’t you think this should have been day one? How hard is it to implement? And what is your guesstimation time wise?

Also how about sorting more options other than BPM? Last night I could not sort by alphabetical in one of my playlists.