iPadOS 17.01 Dayj pro AI, key always starts ad A8 and reversed ad A7 in a playlist

DjayPRO AI ipadPRO 6h gen 12.9 8Gb ram,

Now starts oké .
I notes in a playlist key are not able to get to start counting from A1 or reversed from A12, but instead they start always in every playlist with A8 or A7 no matter what I changes in thr menu above songs and press KEY up oor down arrow. Also found no settings to adjust this…nobody Els notes this ?

@johnnyboyx this is because the Key is always sorted according to the Open Key Format. Even if you are using the Musical Key Format or Numerical Key Format (Camelot Key). If you prefer to have 1 or 12 at the top of the list when sorting, I recommend you switch to the Open Key Format. This is found in Settings>Library>KEY>Format

@johnnyboyx this makes more sense when you look at the Circle of Fifths with Musical Key, Open Key and Numerical Key (Camelot Key) formats together. You don’t want the sorting to simply be in numerical/alphabetical order because related keys would not be grouped together when sorting if you’re using Musical Key format.

Note that the Camelot Wheel and Circle of Fifths are oriented slightly different. The Camelot Wheel is normally shown with 12B or E Major at 12 o’clock instead of 4 o’clock.

oke seems like djay has more option than rekordbox. i will try your setting … thkx for quick responce

@johnnyboyx you’re welcome. I added the Camelot Keys to the Circle of Fifths above to better show how this all works.

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