iPadOS and Mixtour

Hi everybody,

Decided to test iPadOS on last djay update with Files support.
I know is still a beta but i found some really hard bugs and i’m suspicious that it will be not possible what i thought what will became my future setup.
I’m using Ligthning Camera Adaptor and a usb pen Kingston 16gb. i’ve tested with a 32gb and had a " don’t support media…" error message. Well with the 16gb it went right.

  1. iPad 6th gen. don’t charge
  2. can’t see separated usb pen root inside the usb,( in the case a m4a song that even appear in main directory ) just let me import a folder with mp3
  3. Djay don’t react to any input i did on mixtour: crossfader, faders, wheel to select a track, etc… so i assume that isn’t any connectivity support at this point.

To have a visual aid i attach a pic.

Would like to use Usb pen with those bandcamp / beatport tracks brought along time and different computers (at work i copy tracks to a usb for instance), instead having to pass them to iTune’s laptop and then sync with iPad. And course have free space on iPad counts too. My iTunes library has 3700+ songs and at the end of the day i play way less more tracks on a gig.


Use a a USB from Mixtour to iPad dock connector.

Hi Lukas,is the Mixtour is connected from its USB B into the hub’s USB A?

Hi Lukas and thanks for you reply,

Yes, iPad is charging when i connect a Lightning Charging Cable instead Mixtour.
Can you give me some ideas for the correct adapter for that setup?


Any thoughts?

Hi Marcio,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Please note that the adapter you are using is not working in combination with USB File input stream and a Mixtour device as the Lightning Port is only for Charging and not for data (aka midi mixtour signal) transfer.

In general, referring to point 1) as well, please make sure you get the correct adapter for your setup. I assume the iPad is charging when you connect a Lightning Charging Cable instead of the Mixtour.



Connecting a controller, charging your device and also connecting a USB Stick is not yet covered by an adapter by Apple.

#The connector of your iPad is very important in this scenario.

While there are no native Lightning to USB hubs in general, iPads with USB-C connector support USB-C hubs of third party providers.
Still, also with USB-C devices, it depends on the hub, the USB-C power supply of the Hub, and the power needs of your controller in order to make this setup working.
We can not assure an overall solution here but tried out a USB stick & Reloop Mixtour setup with the following USB-C hub and a 2018 iPad Pro with success:


Hi Rotem,

connect the Mixtour at his USB B connector to the Adapter / Hub (USB A)