iPads comparables to djay pro?

Hi djay & algoriddim community, I am new to the djay software, I just ordered Reloop Mixon 8 Pro & Reloop Flux.
Do this Apple 10.2-inch iPad, 256GB, Wi-Fi (9th Generation, 2021) will work (compatible) with djay pro?
Or which iPad is recommended or will be better for me to buy?

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I have the same iPad (mine is a 2022) and it works great with the Rane One so can’t imagine why it won’t work with the Mixon 8 if its supported by Djay…
One thing to note, If the Mixon 8 requires the Apple camera adapter, make sure the iOS on the iPad is not up to date to the latest 16.5 version as the camera adapter will no longer work until Apple release another update.

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Cool and thank you for the information, I really appreciated.

Hi there and welcome to the forum. That’s a great question. Yes, that iPad will work however, if the budget allows buy the best one you can. The more power you have the longer it will last you as stems improve etc and, require more and more processing power.

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I have idj pro purchased using with an Ipad 2. The app keeps crashing. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled but it continues to not load. Any help pls

This information might be useful:

Thank you for the information.

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I’m confused. It worked for years but not the app won’t launch. I installed the basic version and that works but the pro purchased now won’t launch. Help, please.

Hey @DJRUFFCUTS - Sorry to hear you’re having issues launching the app!

So that I can better assist you, could you please provide the following information:

  1. Which iOS version is running on your device?

  2. Which djay version are you using? (Please open the djay settings and scroll down to determine the version number.)

  3. If you can’t launch djay to find the version number, please go to the App Store to view your purchased apps and determine the version of djay from there.

We look forward to hearing back. Please let us know if you have any questions, and have a great day! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Many thanks for your collaboration with one another in this thread!

I’d like to point out that Apple did, in fact, address this iOS+Lightning Camera Kit bug in a recent iOS update, and they have since fixed this issue.

Have a wonderful day!

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