iPhone 5, iOS 6+: Pre-cueing with multiple audio devices + iDJ Live possible?

Hi, Algoriddim folks,

Firstly, djay on iOS has been a pleasure to use. It’s clear your UI/UX people are DJs and/or have had plenty of interaction with DJs, since many analog elements have been nicely replicated in the iOS experience.

My question is very specific and likely an unsupported edge case, but I was wondering if there’s an official / recommended method.

What I’m after is multiple audio device output (i.e., stereo live mix and stereo pre-cue output), from an iPhone 5 (lightning connector), and with an iDJ Live connected via 30-pin > lightning adapter.

I know that the iPad is likely the best candidate for dual stereo output, using the Camera Connection Kit and/or AV (HDMI) cable - but I’d love to be able to do all of this from my phone.

To be clear, the djay app and controller currently work fine for normal use cases. I had my controller replaced to be iOS 6-compatible, and it works fine with my iPhone 5 using the official Apple 30-pin > Lightning converter.

Apple have a newer Lightning Digital AV (HDMI) adapter out that’s iPhone-5 compatible, so I bought that thinking I might be able to get HDMI audio output and also connect the iDJ Live. However, it seems like djay does not recognize the iDJ Live controller when connected to the AV cable’s lightning port via the Apple official 30-pin > connector. Shouldn’t this work? Any ideas?

It appears that a 30-pin iPad + 30-pin AV/HDMI cable works in terms of HDMI audio out per this page, but I haven’t seen anything about also connecting the iDJ Live in that case. Is that method supported?

I thought I might be able to coax djay/iPhone into recognizing a tiny USB “stick” sound card while plugged into a powered hub and thus get split output that way, but that seems not to have worked thus far.

In summary, is there any chance a software update will enable support for iPhone 5 + AV/HDMI + iDJ Live controller to work altogether, or does the iPhone simply not support/recognize devices connected to the AV cable’s lightning port?

Thanks, and pardon the small essay.

Thanks for the tip.

From what I see, the iDJ Live does not presently show up under Settings -> General -> About on an iPhone 5 (iOS 6.0.2), connected via the Lightning Apple Digital AV Adapter and Lightning -> 30 pin adapter for the iDJ Live. However, the Apple Digital AV Adapter itself is listed.

Hi Scott,

Please go to Settings -> General -> About and then connect your iDJ Live (via the AV adapter). If no “iDJ Live” entry shows up, then this means that the adapter does not work with MIDI devices.