iPhone only with djay

Hello everyone. I’m having an issues that is beyond annoying.
Does anyone know how I can add an entire folder of music from my desktop to djay app without mixing all the tracks up?

The Problem I’m having is when I actually do this. The tracks do not stay in folder. I have To manually move each one where I want them.

Now let’s say I want to bring in another folder called hip hop, All of my dance and hip hop are in one place and I can’t make folders of genre where I want my music

I would like to drag a folder(let’s say dance folder) from my desktop into djay, then make a folder of dance in djay and keep those tracks in there…

I’m hoping this is just me. Any info


Organize your playlists in iTunes (or sync them to iTunes from your preferred library management app using lexicon) before exporting to your phone/tablet.

Hey @Mhagha

Welcome, thanks for posting in the Community!

When importing tracks from a folder, djay will not keep the same sorting of how they were listed in the original folder. Instead, they are sorted by djay’s own sorting options (Artist, BPM, etc.)

What you could do is create a Playlist in djay so that you can order the tracks in any way that you would like.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions. Have a nice day!