iPhone Problem with Rotating from Portrait to Landscape Mode

Hello Team,

By default, DJay Pro for iPhone pre loads with the “mix” option selected showing both Decks when Booting the App in a Portrait position.
But if the phone is rotated to the Landscape position, when returning to the Portrait position the DJay selects “Deck 1”.

This is a problem if “Deck 2” is selected and playing Portrait mode,
the App will always select “Deck 1” requiring user to Constantly press
“Deck 2 or Mix” just to view “Deck 2” after rotating. Not Good.


NOTE: The video attached also shows an issue with the loading of the DJay Logo Portrait, then immediately loading the Logo in Landscape.

The first 5 seconds of black screen: I’m using Airplay to the mac which is capturing this footage, but the App displays the “Visualizer” (with empty Decks) during Airplay by default and doesn’t show me turning on the “Mirror App Screen” switch ON in those 5 seconds.
App & OS info in video. Thank You

Hey Team!
Thank you for this repair!
Take this credit and mark this post SOLVED.
thanks again