iPhone4 iOS9.3.5 dJay2 not seeing original Vestax Spin

iPhone 4s running iOS 9.3.5, 2nd download of dJay2 software off the Apple App Store.

Can’t get it to see the Spin controller. Runs fine, otherwise. The original dJay did the same thing.

The Spin controller is seen and working on my MacBook, under dJay3 and 4.

Am I missing something here?

What I was hoping for was to use the iPhone as the “computer”, and be able to use the USB connection between the phone and the Spin to charge the phone while I’m playing. The battery on the iPhone is short-lived (2 hours, maybe), and figured it would be good to charge it while playing. Without the phone seeing the controller, there’s no point in trying to use a phone at all.


A few more thoughts:

I have a wall-wart powering the Vestax. Figured it would pass power through it’s USB port to whatever was connected there.

dJay2 is SUPPOSED to work with the Vestax. Works fine on the iPhone by itself, without the Vestax connected. dJay 3 and 4 both acknowledge the Vestax when I’m running them on my Macbook.

Getting annoyed by all this… shhtuff.

Hey… thanks for that… but… you’ve heard the phrase “needle in a haystack”? Got a link to it?

Hey there,

answered in other thread :slight_smile:

Lukas E.