Is anyone else having serious lagging issues with djay2 on iPad Pro?

Ok so I’ve got the newest iPad Pro (10 inch) and the latest iOS update, and every time I try and use djay2, I get serious lag…with or without a controller.
The track is playing and it still sounds fine, but both the audio waves are jumping constantly. Not a smooth continuous motion like it should be.
And any buttons I press on controller have up to a 3 second delay, and also when touching the buttons on screen too.
It’s making it practically unusable for me and it’s driving me up the wall!

Does anyone have a fix for this?

I’ve tried the obvious reboot and reinstall of the app, I have half my available storage on my iPad still free and everything else in the iPad is working as it should, including other DJ apps.

Tested mine, works good.

Hi I also have the same problem I can not solve it I happened after updating