Is anyone using a Pioneer DDJ-WeGo or DDJ-Ergo controller yet?

I’ve got a DDJ-WeGo on loan at the moment and have been having fun with djay & vjay and my iPad.

Just wondering if anyone else is using one and what their thoughts are so far?

Have you noticed that on the hardware you can set & store 4 hot cues (in the app alone you only store 3)?

My questions are;

  • why doesn’t the sample button (in conjunction with the hot cues) fire any samples?
  • how are the 5 FX buttons mapped? I know;

CtrlA = ???
FX1 = main effect
FX2 = flanger/phaser?
FX3 = gate
CtrlB = HP/LP filter

…also, because the WeGo supports 4 deck mixing…I wonder if this is something coming to a future version of djay?

Hi Warren,

I’ve had to return the WeGo back to Pioneer (short term loan only sadly!), from looking at the Midi mappings for the app there are maps for the sampler detail - perhaps the samples are playing but their volume is switched off?

Hi DJ Hombre,

I’ll have to get back to you on this one until I’m back in the “lab”.

Hello, I too moved from idajay pro to Pioneer WEgo, and am hoping to hear some future plans for Djay support for this controller.