Is anything happening about the issue of FX adjustment on djay2?

I have seen a lot of people asking about the problem of effects coming in too heavy on djay2 (let alone the radical volume drop), but no official replies. Is this something that is being addressed? As others have said, it needs a wet/dry control, as on djay for Mac (although how you would implement that for idj Pro, I don’t know…as an on-screen slider?).


The Volume drop issue with FX has already been fixed with djay 2.2.2.

As for Wet/Dry controls, we are aware of the demand and we’ll be sure to consider adding it in a future update.

Which effect are you using? Can you please make a video recording showing the issue?

One can always hope… :smiley:

Which app do you have? All current djay versions have Wet/Dry control for the FX.

Postfader effects are currently not supported.

Hi Warren,

Thanks for your timely response. I’m running 2.2.2 through an idj Pro and still get a big drop in volume.

Can you sort out the wet/dry thing by Thursday? I’m playing a big party…

OK OK…you’re quite right about the volume drop…

Algoriddum - what in the world are you thinking when you didn’t include a wet-dry control? No reverb tails, no delay tails - very limiting. A HUGE oversight for an app which claims to be a serious DJ tool.

post fader reverb tails are what I’m referring too. Please explain how to make this work, if I am mistaken.

It makes no sense to use a reverb or delay without it being post fader. We have no use for this app until that changes.