Is Audio2 (audiointerface traktor) compatible with DJAY2 (Ipad) ?

I use DJay2 appri for IPad.
I am looking for au audiointerface for Djay2.
and wondering if I could use Audio2 (traktor).
BTW DJ connect is no available in my country.
Is anyone use Audio 2 with Djay 2??

I bought the Audio 2 and it’s not working on iPad Air, DJay 2.6.1, iOS8.
If you have iOS7 it probably works.

DJ Connect hard to find here too (Berlin, Germany). Maybe they are delaying sales until Apple can sort out the audio issues in iOS8…

Would be nice to hear from Algoriddim if there’s any small interface that is actually working with DJay on iOS8…

Audio2 most probably works with DJay of you have iOS7.

iOS8 seems to be a world of hurt when it comes to audio.

hallo, danke Dmitri !!

Ah your Audio2 does not work with Ipad…
Even Belrin, it is hard to find small audiointerface for Djay… mmm
I live in Tokyo.

My Ipad is ios7.

My friends use appri of Traktor for Ipad, because they can use Audio2.
They say that they do not want to bring heavy controller when they play DJAY2 with Ipad.
But I prefer Djay2.
Audio2 is the smallest audiointerface and seem to be better than DJ Connect.
I hope Djay2 will compatible with Audio2, too.