Is DJ Pro fit for purpose as a professional DL's when it lets you down during a mix

I am totally sick to DEATH with DJ Pro on windows 10 platform on my laptop, after spending £50 for the download I have problems with tracks not loading correctly when using my premium spotify account or loading track very slowly which means that I cannot mix tunes as I am waiting for it to load up! the people at Algoriddim have to give me an solution soon other wise I will reccomed that nobody uses this software as it does not seem to be fit for purpose!! I can if anyone at Alogriddim can be bothered to help me then I would appreciate it!

Long loading times are generally due to software downloading and analyzing new songs (key, bpm etc) before making them available for beatmatching and mixing.

You can avoid this by preloading the song earlier at home so that the software can store all the relevant informations into the computer. Every other time that you will load the same song again it will be instantly available.

If during the mix you are playing new songs suggested (for example) by spotify a delay will always occur. Be also sure to check how fast your internet connection is.

In many locations for downloads or on-the-fly requests I use spotify with a 4G internet key, and while it works great during rehersal the connection speed drops dramatically when the place gets filled up with people, hooked to the same mobile cell/provider. You will have to keep that in mind as well