Is djay not working on macOS 13 Ventura

Good evening. Djay pro is mac OS 13 compatible? Not working on my iMac M1 after installing Ventura. Any suggestions? Thanx

Always a good idea to wait to update OSX until your audio software developers give the all clear. Nearly every update breaks many audio programs while the developers catch up. No word on compatibility here yet, so likely it doesn’t yet work, as you’ve found already.

Hi @TheMan_Rules,

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Are you referring to djay Pro v1.0 or djay Pro AI v4.0?

for me it would be Pro AI v4. And would also like to wait until it is confirmed working. The documentation has nothing set yet

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Working on my M1 MBP 16”.

Latest djay version and Ventura.

However, your mileage may vary……


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Hi @TheMan_Rules,

Just to answer the question of does djay Pro AI work on macOS 13 (Ventura), we can safely say that it does.

@TheMan_Rules, if your question differs from this feel free to let us know. Have a nice day!

good morning friends, also to you djay pro does not start on mac os ventura on macbook air m1?

It’s working on my M1 MBP 16”, updated to Ventura.

Have you tried a full power cycle after the update?

not yet, but I don’t understand why your solution might work. let’s hope so

It might work, it might not, but it’s always best to have a restart after a big update.

Just lets things sort themselves out in the software.

Worth a try anyway.


Hi @Cristian_Listo,

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Are you referring to djay Pro (v1.0) or djay Pro AI (v4.0)?

Please note that djay Pro is not officially supported on macOS as shown in our Mac Compatibility FAQ linked below.

Happily awaiting your reply!

Downgrade to MacOs Monterey I’ve tested it, fails to start with Problem Report.
Wait till it support Ventura and then upgrade.

Working fine on Ventura here.

MBP M1 16"
Djay Pro AI 4.x

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You could also try turning wifi off and run it and see if it starts up, I just try any possible solution. Hope it helps.


Same issue here with a recent upgraded to Ventura in Mac Mini 2018. Is expected any fix in a short time? Thanks!

Hi everyone,

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It looks like getting djay Pro AI to run on macOS 13 for some of you may be an issue so I will merge this thread into the existing one below.

Additionally, @Francesc_HL and @Cristian_Listo is this issue continuing to happen to you and could you confirm whether or not you’re using djay Pro v1.0 or djay Pro AI v4.0? Thanks!

Yes, still happening after upgrade to MacOS 13 Ventura with last version djay pro ai 4.0.12.


Djay Pro 4.0.12, MacOS Ventura 13.0.1, MacBook M2: crash at startup!
Strangely if i disable the wifi the application starts and works, but as soon as i turn on the wifi it crashes

At least at the moment I found a solution: just turn off network

Also tested the network workaround suggested by @xmarcox7x and disabling all the interfaces also starts and works for me, thanks!

Is there any update from support or engineering related a fix?

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Hi everyone I found that mine runs when internet connection and wifi is turned off, but when I connect to the internet again it crashes, wait till its fixed in the meantime I have both Monterey and Ventura running on my MacBook Pro.

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