Is Djay Pro Compatible with OS X 10.12 Sierra?

Hey Jim, 

we are sorry to hear that, please send us the videos via that would help us tons to improve our software.

Lukas E.

Hi there,

macOS Sierra is fully supported by djay Pro.

Have fun mixing,

Lukas E.

As with any new macOS we are thankful if you share your feedback, but please stay in an appropriate scope. 

macOS Sierra is natively supported and by the help of our users we found the search bar problem, we are working at a fix for this and will provide an update as fast as possible.

Lukas E.

This has a very high priority and we are doing our best in order to fix this issue. Stay tuned for updates.

Lukas E.

We are very sorry to hear that Shaun, be assured that we are working on the fix.

Lukas E.

Hi Bryan,

we are very sorry to hear that, can you tell us which djay version you are using?

Lukas E.

Can you please send us the crash log via

Therefore please enter “console” in the Spotlight search and click “User Reports”, there look for a djay report and copy the whole text.

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E. 

What software are you now using Scott?

Any news on this problem? I wait for upgrading to Sierra.


This is a common issues as I have been having the very same issue, Apple did send out an update for Sierra last night and for the moment seems to have cleared this embarrassing issue up.

So far tonight at my wedding I have shot some one and scared the guests half to death with the fog horn, over e stopped the music and accidentally looped it… very frustrating, I know you guys are on it though which i appreciate.

How do you doable the keyboard?

Found there is a problem when using the search bar. You can type the first letter fine, but when you type the second letter, the song you are currently playing suddenly stops & a vocal sample suddenly plays from my bank of samples. Not only does the music stop but it also reverts to the beginning of the song.

There is a work around though. You have to reset the cursor in the search bar after typing the first letter. This doesnt stop the song.

I’ve had the same issue on both my iMacs that i use for 2 of my sound systems. I will be sending video soon.

Hi Lukas! Did you get the videos I sent? This is a real issue. Again 2 wedding this weekend and very problematic with both computers. We need this fixed! Please help! I’ve been using this software for years and never had any issues until now.

does that include above issue?

I had this same problem tonight. Songs are playing, and I try to search for the next song. The first letter enters fine, but then it seems like it comes out of the search box, and whatever keys you type correlate to the shortcuts in the software (for example the “L” would start a loop, etc…whatever that letter corresponds to with the shortcut). Definitely a big problem. It was fine with the last version of OS, but seems to be happening now after installing Sierra. I also just swapped over from a Tractor S2 to a Denon 6000MK2. Does not seem like a hardware issue. I really like this software, but this is a disaster waiting to happen at a wedding. Please address this issue asap. Thanks!

dude you need to disable the keyboard shortcuts if you’re going to keep using DJay…looking into Serato now.

I’m here for the same issue. First time I used it since I upgraded this week. My workaround was to disable hotkeys. But jeez. The dancer was quite thrown off when a gunshot went off and the music stopped in the middle of her pole trick. This has got to be remedied. Because not being able to use my space bar is crazy irritating.

I will say that the “paying customer” angle kinda burns me. I haven’t had this software a year yet.