Is DJay Pro for Windows reliable enough for public performance?

I’ve been a long time user of DJay Pro for iPad and always found it reliable but am considering the switch to using DJay Pro for Windows on a laptop with a Denon MC4000 for improved audio quality. I’ve read various reviews about reliability issues with the Windows version and was wondering if people who use it would consider it reliable enough to use for a 5-hour mobile DJ gig?

Thanks for the replies.

What is the issue with the play and cue knobs Marko? I only recently bought the MC4000 and I’ve not used it much yet other than a quick test.

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Hmm… It sounds like I will need to sell my laptop and buy a MacBook instead then. I wish I had known this before I paid for the Windows version.

The issue is not Windows, the issue is this software.

I had parties with Hackingtosh and WIndows ont he same PC, no issues with Serato at all.

Djay Pro on Windows IS the issue.

You can not even disable the keyboard shotcuts…

How can you trust a “PRO” software with so less updates…

I don’t really agree with you, i’ve got 6 old laptops running WIn7-8-10, and on Mixivibes, Serato, Traktor and VDJ, i’ve never been facing any issue this since 7 years now.

I have also a Mabook Air and a hackingtosh drive.

In this case, it is just the Windows App which really sucks very hard and the MacOS version has been updated much more than the Windows version.

Funny to hear that, all latest DJ events I have seen where with Windows :wink: and that did not crash :wink:

But with Serato

Sorry i misunderstood but i still don’t agree either, Traktor is also installed on these machines and no issue, other friends are only using traktor, first Windows 8 then 10. Only known issue is audio effect stutter but that is a known issue with traktor. You can see many videos on Youtube with Traktor on WIndows and no crashes :wink:

Honestly, it is only your experience.

Both operating systems are great, Only Djay pro has a buggy WIndows version compared to ANY other DJ software on Windows.

Currently, i have tested Mixvibes, Djay Pro, traktor, Serato, VDJ and Mixxx also.

I always have used laptops for everything, gaming, djing and other things and never had issue but i keep djing on a separate Windows profile. Now, i agree with you it remain better to have a laptop only dedicated for djing.

at most in the family circle.

in the last few days algoriddim has said multiple times that they would working now on an extensive update for windows.they had never done so concretely before. I would wait a few more weeks.

I see it similar as gontie.

you can not blame microsoft that algoriddim do not taking care of the software on windows.

if algoriddim would care equally on both platforms the windows version would work just as well as on the mac.

awesome! thanks a lot algoriddim

Djay Pro is not the problem, Windows is…I had the same controller, Denon Mc 4000, but Djay Pro on Mac. 400 gigs in two and half years, nothing happend… I was on Mawerics with my old Core duo 2009 Macbook Pro with ssd…that was all…Inwas trying to work on Windows with at least 4 dj softwares on Win, no go…

Sorry, i forget. Be careful with play and cue knobs on Denon, be gentle…

Allan, just be gentle, dont push them to hard and you be fine. I had to change both play buttons becase i was a bit wild… but don’t worry, you have a great controller with werry good sound, 2 mic inputs etc…

Gontie, i tryed out every possible dj software. And belive me, only Serato and VDJ are stabile on Windows. That was the reason i changed to Mac, since then i had no problems and i mapped minimum 20 controllers on other software. If i had problems, then on Windows, of course till now, but that is in my opinion mather of old controller. I have an Xone dx which sound fantastic, but Djay freez when i change audio routing, but that is not a story here…

Allan, the best move in youre life, belive me… I worked with Denon and Djay Pro on Mac for two and half years, aprox 400 gigs, with not even one problem. Ok, once, but was my fault. And that was with old Macbook Pro early 2010 with 4 gb ram, and Mawerics as OSX. Ok, i put inside an SSD hard drive and second hard drive was 320gb. Sistem on ssd, music on other hard drive…Now i have better Mac with i5 procesor and 8gb ram and again 250gb ssd with 500gb other hard drive… Every dj software works, no complains…

Everithing is possible, but it is still Windows with it’s buggs…Like i said before, only Serato and VDJ are some kind a ok …

Gontie, as you said. Win 7 was, let’s say OK, 8.1 also…Win 10? Half of my apps don’t work since last update…And that laptop is no more Windows machine but Linux… I do 150 gigs per year and realy don’t have time to think if my gear will work on next event. Mac is rock solid and things are clear, the app work or don’t work, simple… Maybe, but just maybe i go back to Win machine if i buy some of the gamers laptops such as Alienware or new line of Asus and HP… Oh, one important thing, with other laptops i had problems with overheating, with Mac only once on a really hot summer day directly under the sun…I wish you best with laptops, but me, i think, never again… Just my opinion and expirience…