Is iPad iOS djay pro app compatible with mixtrack platinum

Does the iOS djay pro app on the iPad and iPhone work with the mixtrack platinum and mix track 3 now if you use the lightning to usb apple camera adapter. I was under the impression that the mix tracks didn’t work with iOS apps (only Mac and pc) but I see them listed here:…

Awesome. Just bought an apple USB adapter and tested and it works great. Is there a way to remap one of the midi buttons on the mixtrack to turn on and off the invert crossfader button in the settings menu as needed. I flip the fader a lot so it would be great to have a button do this instead of going into the settings menu every time. If so how could I do this? Thanks!

Actually even the tab in settings doesn’t seem to work to reverse the fader. Any ideas?

Hi Keith,

Thank you for your post.
Yes, you can find all supported controllers in our FAQ entry:…