Is iPad Mini 2 compatible with djay Pro 2?

Can ipad mini 2 compatible with djay pro 2?

Generally yes,
How old is the iPad mini?
If they are too old, some of the features like Neural Mix won’t work…

You need an iPad Mini Gen 5 or newer to work with Neural Mix in Djay Pro AI. The Mini 2 might work okay with the older Djay Pro 2 since it doesn’t have Neural Mix.

Im using an ipad mini 4 and it works fairly well. Like others have said though, no neural mix feature & waveforms tend to be a bit laggy. Also browsing usb drives is quite slow. So I must be honest & say I doubt an ipad mini 2 is gonna make the grade here.

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Hello @Zhask_Matzunaga ,

Thanks for posting your question here in the Community.

Like @Slak_Jaw said, you will need an iPad Mini Gen 5 or later to work with djay Pro AI.

Also, along the lines of what @maurizio_T and @magrepairs pointed out, if you have a legacy version of djay in the “Purchased” section of your App Store account, you can download it from there directly on your iPad Mini. You’ll find the steps to do so here.

Hope this helps. Cheers!

@Cam_A - Is there any possibility of you being able to help us with an older legacy version if we only purchased the newer version now? I would love to try an older version on my mini4 & see if the performance is any better.