Is it possible to control Djay Pro via midi? (not as an input controller, but to playback captured midi)


I’ve been able to capture midi from Djay Pro into Ableton Live. I’m using a Reloop Buddy. This works well, I can see the captured midi - so that bit looks good.

So I wondered if I can record the midi, can I control Djay Pro to playback the captured midi events?


  1. Play a ‘live’ set in Djay Pro using my Reloop Buddy.
  2. Capture the midi events into Ableton Live (which works from what I can tell - the events match Djay Pro’s midi configuration mapping).
  3. Playback the recorded midi from Ableton Live to control Djay Pro to perform the same actions I captured.

I can see the midi events being played back from Ableton, and I can see the performance pads (for example) on my Reloop Buddy controller change, but it doesn’t seem to have any impact on Djay Pro - like it’s ignoring the incoming midi and the Buddy is receiving it but nothing happens.

This might not be possible, but figured if it worked it would allow me to record a set, and then play it back with all the effects, pads, etc.

I figured before I continued to try and get it working I’d ask on this forum - as want I’m doing might not be possible or allowed/available?

It could be going about this the wrong way but wanted to ask the community :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

All the way back in 2010, Ableton and Serato teamed up to create The Bridge, which was a link between the two programs, allowing control of one from the other.

One feature was to enable creation of editable mixtape recordings, by sending data from a DJ mixer into Ableton Live, recording positions of knobs, faders etc. alongside the audio.

See here:

Thanks, shame it doesn’t look like there is an Ableton / DJay Pro version.

Hi @Carbolight, this is not currently possible with djay Pro.

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