Is it possible to save the list of songs in the auto mix que?

The main reason I purchased Djay is so that I can create a mix that we can play on our wedding. The problem is I cant figure out how to save the play list. I found the save song history but that doesn’t quite cut it.

Rather than mixing at the wedding I really need to be able to save a list in a particular order, that I can load and then select Auto mix. Is there a way to do this and if so how?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Christian,

You can only export the History as an iTunes playlist. Click on the clock icon in the left tab of the library view. You could clear the history before you start your mix, this way you can export exactly what you just played.

Note: Exporting iTunes playlist is currently not working on Mountain Lion but our developers are already on to it.

That doesn’t allow you to save the order though, does it? Is creating lists in the future plan somewhere?

i guess a work around would be to play all your songs in the order you want and then save the history list! Or, make the list in iTunes and number the tracks so they are in the right order when exporting to djpro!