Is it possible to send just the Neural Mix Drums Track to it's own output?

Hello. I’m using AutoMix to DJ a party and I was wanting to send just the Neural Mix Drums track to a visualizer like the Critter & Guitari Rhythm Video Scope. It is possible to route just the drums track to one audio interface and route the full mix to another audio interface? (or separate channels on the same audio interface if it supports more than one set of stereo outputs.) If it’s not possible, I’d love to see this feature added to future versions.

@Soyburger I don’t think this is possible, but with the right audio interface or mixer you might be able to make it work. It’s probably not going to be as easy to setup or as automated as you’d like though. I’m using an iPad in my example below, but things should be pretty similar on MacOS. I recommend trying something like this:

  1. Use the 4 Deck Mode in djay Pro AI.
  2. Deck 4 will be used for the Solo Drum track.
  3. Deck 1 and 2 will be used for your main mixing tracks.
  4. For this example, let’s assume Deck 1 is currently playing. Use the Double command to create an “instant double” of the track playing on Deck 1 over on Deck 4.
  5. Use Neural Mix to Solo the Drums on Deck 4. By using the Double feature, Deck 1 and Deck 4 should remain in sync and in time.
  6. Now if you have a 4 Channel Mixer or Audio Interface that is supported, you’ll want to switch from Internal Mixer Mode to External. Settings>Audio Device Setup>Mixer Mode>External. Here you can route Deck 4 to a specific Channel on your Mixer/Audio Device. Then hopefully from here you can route this audio signal separately to your visualizer.
  7. If this ends up working for you, then you could also create a custom MIDI Mapping or maybe a Keyboard Shortcut to automate the Double action to Deck 4 and the Neural Mix Solo Drums action to a single button press.

You’re right. It’s not exactly what I was wanting, but it’s a lot closer than I thought I could get. I’ll definitely play around with it. Thanks!

You’re welcome @Soyburger

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