Is it possible to sync the track position of decks?

For example if Deck 1 is at 01:00 and Deck 2 is at 00:37, is there a button I can press that will move Deck 2 to track position 01:00?

If you want the same song to play at the same position, you can use the „Double“ function. Long press on the cover of the deck you want the doubled track to appear on to see this functionality (should also be MIDI-mappable).

As long as the LOOPER is not on

Syncing tracks to the same position in the individual tracks is supported when you play the same song on both decks by activating the Sync.

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Perfect thank you - exactly what I was looking for!

Hey Lukas,
Did you catch this?
This function doesn’t work if the Looper is active

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