Looper mode affects Double feature when loading on opposite Deck

When LOOPER mode is active, The DOUBLE feature does not work properly when loading on opposite Deck

Hey Team,
This issue has not been addressed.
Thank you

Hi @LaidbackFred, Thanks for bringing this up again and sorry that we didn’t address this the first time around. I’ve just reproduced the issue on our devices here, and I’ve passed it along to our development team for further investigation.

I’ll keep you posted with any updates here, and thanks again for your patience! :pray:

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Hello Team,
I’ve must have missed the announcement that this issue has been addressed.

I’ve been avoiding mixing this way for this reason. :man_shrugging:

This is an issue when Automix is ON?
I don’t recall this. Can we address this please?

Hi @LaidbackFred,

This issue has not yet been fixed in any of the recent updates. I’ve pushed it again internally with our team. Please let me know if you had any additional questions or feedback about this. Thanks again for your patience.

Hi Emily,
I’m not sure about that.
Double feature has never worked for me while the looper mode is ON.
But now it does, I have a screen recording of it working now.
But now it does not work when Automix is ON.

Try it

iPhone XII Pro
IOS v 15.1.1
Djay Pro 3 v 3.8.4

Thanks so much for pointing this out, @LaidbackFred! You are 100% correct about the Double feature working now while the Looper is on, but not working now when Automix is on.

My sincere apologies that I missed this recent bug fix announcement :woman_facepalming:, but I’ve double-checked with our Dev Team and they’ve confirmed that these changes were made. Again, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Our Team is now aware of and is looking into getting the Double feature working when Automix is active. I’ll keep you posted here when I have updates about this!

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