Is NUMARK IDJ PRO still a good buy to use with ipad and djay 2?

I’m looking to spend up to £200 on a good (2nd hand) controller. I like the look of the Numark IDJ PRO and have an old ipad that will fit in its dock. Is anyone still using one of these. Are they good? Any problems/issues or do I go for a different machine altogether?
Many thanks

I own 3 idj pros and use them twice a week with a generation 3. I have no issues with it. I just picked another used one for $60 on eBay. They are great to use with Spotify but u have to make sure your venue has good Wi-Fi. It’s flawless and I only had one problem but was a easy fix.

Yup! I have two IDJ pro’s both bought secondhand, paid about £160 for one and around £100 for the other - personally for the kind of stuff I do, mobile DJ at weddings and parties, the IDJ pro is ideal , Its self contained pug and play.
Soooooo much easier than laptop and separate controller - I run mine with Ipad 3 It seems ok, relatively quick never have any problems. you can plug in a phone or external source like a laptop (use the 3.5mm audio jack) for a bit of back-up. The mic input with tone contol is good too, most other contollers dont have a mic tone control, I normally need to take the bass off the mic to avoid the low frequency feedback. for bigger gigs i take a separate mixer, nothing fancy but something that gives a bit more control. I have been hoping that Numark would launch a MK 2 version, perhaps 4 channel for the idjay Pro, PFl capability on the AUX input, bass and treble on the mic - but for a first attempt back in 2012, the IDJ pro is great

To agree with maurizio T, I bought my IDJ Pro for like $220US used back in '15 and paying £200 is too much. You might be able to find a used one cheaper on Amazon…however, I have seen that the prices do fluctuate quite a bit over the course of time (up and down like a yoyo). This might be because they are gaining some popularity again? Not sure.

As I mentioned I have had my IDJ Pro since January of '15 as a used item and it is still running strong. My current setup is an ipad air 2 (128gb) on ios 11.2 with a 32 pin to lightening adaptor. I use the IDJ as my main mobile DJ’ing setup and it has never failed me. I’m currently running 2 15" Subs and 2 12" PA’s with a variety of lights and fog machines and everything is spot on. My clients love the sound. If the IDJ wasn’t top notch, I never would have built my part time setup around it, but like I mentioned, it works and sounds great.

I also do monthly/bi-monthly mixes with it in my home studio (Deep House and the occasional danceable R&B mashup). I don’t think you can go wrong, regardless of whatever you pay for it. I am currently thinking of branching out some and getting some pioneer controllers (either the DDJ-1000 or the XDJ-RX2) so I can eventually do club gigs.

Let us know what you end up doing!

Yes,but £200 is too much to pay for a used idj pro,I paid around that price for a new one when it came out and bought another one used for around £80

The only thing is that it won’t work efficiently with an old ipad,ideally you need an ipad 4 or better still ipad air 2,that’s my set up and it works flawlessly…my ipad is only 64gb and I have just over 1000 tracks on it and that’s taking up 13gb of memory…
I have 2 idj pro’s,
1 with an old ipad 2 which still has ios 8.3 and the other with the ipad air 2,the air 2 sits a bit loose in the slot but I made a small modification to the controller and it fits snug
The processing power of the ipad air 2 is lightning fast compared to the other so I just keep that as a spare…

Plus this forum is full of people complaining about every other controller where the idj pro was specifically designed around the Djay 2 app

You can’t use spotify offline with Djay 2 or Pro,there’s much discussion on thos forum about that but to be honest a good dj should have a ood a deep collection of tracks already,and if someone asks you for a track and you done have it,so be it…

I think we’re living in a society where everything is always expected…I’ve been djaying since 1984,carrying crates of vinyl around from club to club…if l ever got asked for a track and l didn’t have it,l would make a note of it and purchased ut for the next time…

These days l don’t do much club work and mainly do private parties and thanks to my setup l don’t have to lug all that vinyl around,but the first thing l do whenever l get asked to Dj is that l ask them if there are any particular tracks that they want and they will usually give me a list, 90% of the times l will have what they’ve asked for and then l just download the rest…if the venue has wifi then yeah l connect to my Spotify premium account…

Thanks… great help

Cheers bud… much appreciated!

Great… thank you. I will be using Spotify too. Doesn’t the download function on your playlist stop WiFi issues? (Not used it yet)