Is that possible to get the old version back?

I just update to the latest version of Djay Pro and found that it is too buggy. It become too risky to use it when I work. Can I get the old version back?

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At times l wish this was possible as well…
Have you tried updating to V4.01?
It ironed out a couple of bugs for me…

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I don’t believe there is a way to rollback the software unfortunately. I always do a full system backup now on MacOS and iOS before updating to the latest djay version. I’ve been burned before so this is part of my workflow now. This way I can revert my system(s) back in case there are major issues. It’s a bit of a pain to do a full system recovery, but worth it if you need the software for work for an important gig.

Also I never do an update if I have a gig coming up. Best to wait and see what people are reporting on this forum first. Another thing you can consider if you have multiple devices, is to update djay on only one and give it a thorough testing first before updating you main device. I’ve done this before by running the update on my iPhone before updating it on my Mac or iPad. Be warned that this doesn’t always work though because I have had bugs that were isolated to one device.

Innovation comes with risks. For me the bugs in this release are manageable and the new features are fantastic, but I also don’t have a gig this weekend…


So sensible to make backups. Previous updates have introduced bugs that made using my Rane One impossible to perform some of the mixes I’d been able to achieve before the given update.To mitigate this I now have an additional iPad.

So I’m running djay on 2 iPads, one with auto update off, and one with it on - this is purely because of the problems I’ve experienced with Djay updates. This obviously isn’t an option for everyone.

Algoriddm - would you be prepared to allow some of the community to user acceptance test via Test Pilot? These bugs could be identified before release to the masses - I for one would happily do this for free under an NDA.

I’m all for innovation (I’m an Business Innovation Manager at the company I work for). But innovation shouldn’t be at the expense of the of poor user experience, stability and disruption to core functionality. Don’t get me wrong, this app is INCREDIBLE when it’s working. Feels like I’ve lost my right arm when it’s not though.


Just to confirm, without a backup, no it’s not possible to roll back to a prior version.


Hey @Private_Repress,

Thanks for your feedback, and sorry for the late reply here. We definitely understand how frustrating it can be to encounter bugs with new updates. While our team tries very hard to get all the kinks ironed out prior to release, of course sometimes things aren’t perfect. That said, with feedback from users like you we try to address any issues that come up as quickly as possible. I realize that may not be a perfect solution in the moment, but please know that we truly appreciate your ongoing feedback and support! :pray:

Regarding beta testing, if you are interested in this, could you please reach out to our Support Team directly at and mention this Community thread in your email? That will allow our team to communicate with you more quickly/easily if there is an opening in our Beta Tester program. Thanks a lot for your interest!

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Thanks @Emily, I’ve raised the request accordingly.

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