Is the only mix/cue balance fader in settings?

I’ve finally got Djay 2.5.2 working on iPad with an external audio interface. I usually use Traktor on a Macbook and while I LOVE Djay for the ease and for small walk-ups and just-in-case house party gigs I can’t believe that the mix/cue balance fader seems to be hidden away in settings. Is that right?

Djay now has pre-listen in the library/playlists which is great, so I want to listen to playlist tracks only, not the main out, in the headphones, then use the button and drop it into a deck. Great so far…

Now it’s in the deck I want to hear some of the main out so I can hear when to start the new track, but as it is I have to go to settings to change that mix/cue balance.

Then when the track seems to be in and happening in time etc I want to change the mix balance to main out only so I can check the actual FOH mix in the headphones but I have to go to settings yet again to change that.

Please, please implement some kind of front-page fader for this important feature. A lot of space is used for the pseudo-turntables and waveforms, why not use some of that eye-candy space for a crucial function as more and more people use iPads etc for djing with external devices?

Mix/cue balance isn’t a set-and-forget, it’s in constant use, look at any big Pioneer etc mixer, it’s right there to hand, not hidden away somewhere.


Hi Nikolai,

Yes, it’s currently only in the settings. Unless of course, you’re using a supported MIDI controller with a Cue/Mix fader/knob.

Thanks Warren, I particularly liked ‘currently’. I have a couple of different standard midi controllers but none of the supported ones. Making standard midi controllers mappable could only open up a huge potential customer base for you…