Is the reset tempo keyboard shortcut the same as double clicking the tempo slider?

I notice that if I use the keyboard shortcut to reset tempo, it disables sync on the slave deck, which seems trivial but is a deal breaker for using ableton link with ableton Live because the moment I switch decks, ableton Live’s BPM doesn’t get updated (rendering it useless because I can’t be going around double clicking sliders on the downbeat during a set). Am I missing something?

Steps to reproduce the issue are as follows:

Djay Settings:

  • Maintain sync on song load: unchecked
  • Exit sync on pause, scratch, or cue jump: unchecked
  • Two deck mode: enabled
  • Crossfader: set to middle

Test steps for shortcut behavior:

  1. Assign keyboard shortcut to Deck 1 with action “Reset Tempo”
  2. Load tracks with different tempos on both decks
  3. Enable sync on both decks, first Deck 2, then Deck 1
  4. Press the keyboard shortcut to reset tempo on Deck 1

Result: Sync is disabled on Deck 1

Test steps for UI behavior:

  1. Repeat steps 2 and 3 above
  2. Double click on Deck 1’s tempo slider

Result: Sync remains enabled

Expected result: The Reset Tempo keyboard shortcut should behave the same way as double clicking the tempo slider and should not disable sync on the slave deck.

Hi @audiosymmetry, I see that you created 2 topics for the same thing. I have reviewed them both, and agree that this seems to be a bug. I’m going to close and hide this topic so we can keep the discussion focused in the other one. Thanks.

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