Is there a MIDI Mapping to download for Pioneer CDJ-900?

I’m want to use the app with Pioneer CDJ-900 (not the nexus version) is there an MIDI mapping I can download?

Hi there,

we added support of the CDJ-350, CDJ-400, CDJ-850, CDJ-900, CDJ-2000, XDJ-700 
and improved our support of the CDJ-900NXS CDJ-2000NXS and XDJ-1000 with the new update of djay Pro 1.3.

Check it out.

Lukas E.

If I have the ddj sx2 and cdj 900 ,could I use the sx2 hotcute touch panel for cdj 900 ? All they connect by USB?

I second this one.

It has been 3 years since the Pioneer Decks support was added to the Mac Version. No love for the windows version??

I have CDJ-2000NXS… I have not found any mappings, not even user created mappings.

Bit late on this, but Lukas the midi mapping is not built into the Windows version of DJay Pro, are there any plans to transfer these mappings over?

Did anyone find out a solution? Dreading having to figure out how to map the jog wheel on my 900s. Like the multiple behaviours depending on signal combination, example where you set the main cue point when you are touching the wheel and you hit the cue button.