Is there a way to adjust the line volume curve like you can the crossfader?

I have a mixtour if that makes a difference. I couldn’t find anything in the settings pertaining to it. It would be nice to be able to cut with them as well as the crossfader.

This is currently not possible in djay.

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Thanks, kinda figured after all the digging I did. I guess I’d like to propose these feature be implemented then.

Create a new post in the Suggestions area so people can upvote your idea. Algoriddim staff keeps an eye on these suggestions and the number of user votes.

Hi @Themainman3,

Apologies for the delay, however many thanks to @Slak_Jaw for providing you with an answer.

They are correct in that this function is not available for djay, as well as putting this idea in the suggestion category!

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Already made a post on the suggestion area! Thanks!

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