Is there a way to clear a track that has been loaded onto a deck?

How can I clear a track that has been loaded already? I don’t want to just select another track in it’s place. I simply want to completely clear the deck. How is this done?

Also, I really prefer the OLD music library browsing format (iOS library - no BPMs) because I depend on playlist folders to organize/categorize my tracks. I really hate the way it is now - every single playlist in my library shows up all at once (about 300 playlists with a ton of duplicate names). Now quickly browsing for music has become nearly impossible to do. I understand that adding the BPMs to each song in the library browser was a great addition; however, many of us users would prefer to use the original iOS library format to get our playlists structures BACK. Why doesn’t Algroriddim make an option in the settings to change the type of library browser?

Hi Chris,

Yes, please tap and hold the load button until a menu pops up and select “Unload”.

We always try to consider our fans’ requests whenever we make changes. And in order to be able to add new features for the library, we had to opt for making our own instead of using the built-in library.

Thank you for your answer!

I understand that the library change was necessary; however, I think users should be able to have the option of choosing which library type should be applied.