Is there a way to combine DJ Pro and DJ Pro 2 database without loosing anything?

Is there a way to make history/cue marks remain common between DJ Pro and DJ Pro 2. When I installed DJ Pro 2 I was able to import DJ Pro History and CUE. I was hoping that there would be a way to merge the data. I would prefer if I used either one they would show up in the other other. If I add a cue or play a set in one those cues and sets are not in the other. This means they are out of sync.

I did not discover this until recently. When I was wondering why certain things I had done had no history or the cues seemed to be lost. Then I remembered that for some time I continued to use DJ Pro at gigs until I was comfortable with DJ Pro 2. Now the two data bases are out of sync.

Any way to put humpty back together?

Both were already checked when I went in to look. Is there some option or config I have to do to make them sync?

Please clarify. What do you mean “load a track on an edited track?”
Does it save cues in realtime? Or when the program closes, Or once day, how does it work? Also I did not understand your instruction.


Thank you for your post. Do you work with an active iCloud?

Cue points should get synced between the too.

Cue Points should sync between day Pro and djay Pro 2. Always make sure to load a track on an edited track to make sure the Cue Point is getting saved.

Please try out the functionality that way.