Is there a way to extract BPM from djay Pro AI for Mac?


I’d like to get the BPM and the pathnames of the associated audio files from djay Pro AI for Mac so I can tag my mp3s with the BPM data with a shell script.

The iTunes playlist exported from djay doesn’t appear to include BPM. Nor does the exported cvs file. I haven’t found where the “Export my collect playlist” ends up so I didn’t check if it has the BPM info.

I can find the BPM table in the sqlite3 djay Media Library database file but not the file pathnames, so I don’t know which BPM numbers go with which files.

Any ideas how to get djay to tell me the BPMs for my analyzed files outside of the graphic interface?

Thank you.

Hi @oogje,

Thanks for your question about how to get the BPM for tracks in the export options currently available in djay. Currently, this information isn’t included, but I’ve passed this request on to our development team to take a closer look into. I’ll keep you posted here with any updates.

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Hey team,
I currently sync my iOS devices with iTunes on my Mac.
Within iTunes right click on song, Get Info then enter BPM info manually.
No other way

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The way I’m currently getting the BPMs into iTunes is a bit arcane. I’m not recommending it but in case others want to get their hands dirty…

  1. For each song I want to tag with BPM, I create a universally unique identifier and keep a record of the pathname for the song along with that identifier. Then copy the songs into a temporary flat folder and set each of the copy’s artist to the unique identifier using id3v2.

  2. Then I drag the temporary folder into My Files in djay AI and analyze the folder.

  3. Then I read all the metadata files djay AI created to find each BPM and “artist” combination, look up the true location of the song using the “artist” as the key and tag it with the BPM using id3v2.

  4. Then I run an AppleScript to read all the songs I just BPM tagged so the BPM is visible in iTunes without having to play or get info on each song.

It’s pretty much all scripted, slightly scary and fun to watch.

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