Is there a way to get a single “record” view in classic mode on an iPad?

When using the app on a phone in classic mode and rotating to portrait mode you can get a view with a single record . However in portrait mode on an iPad you still have two records as well as effects, eq, looping etc on the bottom with no option to change it. I’m wondering if there is some setting or way to get a single record view as I’d like to use it as a larger touchscreen jogwheel of sorts.

I included two pictures for reference. One is of the iPhone view that I would like on the iPad, and the other is of the iPad view I can’t seem to change. Any input is appreciated. Thanks

Hey @Themainman3 ,

Thanks for posting about this here in the Community.

This option is currently not available, but I’m happy to confirm we’ve been working on it. We’ll let you know once it’s implemented :slight_smile:


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Glad to hear it thanks for the reply! I look forward to its implementation.

It would be nice to be able to switch to a full screen record/jogwheel when using an iPad. On an iPhone you can get a full screen “record” when in portrait mode and can switch between 1, 2 and mix screen options. But on the iPad when in portrait mode you only can get two jogs and fx/eq controls below them. With how large ipad screens are now making adjustments with a full screen jog while using something like the Mixtour would be a cool.

Hi @Themainman3,

Just doing a little clean up so I moved your 2nd thread about this same topic to your already existing thread, just so we can keep things organized. Thanks for sharing this request!