is there a way to get full screen video on hdmi with 1080p?

I can’t have full screen video with an Hdmi adaptor on a 1080p monitor! help! I spent $50 on this stupid adapter and it’s not working!

What is that output resolution? I’d like to adapt my clips to that so that the iPad doesn’t have to do any extra processing over and above.

What’s the max on an iPad 3rd gen?

Hi David,

How is the video being displayed on your monitor? How about if you play a video in the Videos app?

Sorry for the late reply.

The output resolution is currently limited due to performance reasons. Please keep in mind that you are basically processing THREE (2 in, 1 out) videos simultaneously on an iPad.

That being said, our developers are aware of this limitation and are already looking for ways to optimize vjay further and thus enable a higher output resolution.

Sorry, our developers are still looking into this.

It depends on your iOS device. On iPhone 5s/iPad Air and better it’s 720p.

it doesn’t stretch to full screen like the other VJ apps, it has a black border around it that I can’t get rid of it no matter what video I am playing… I don’t even mind if it only displays in 720p if it is ful screen, but it doesn’t do that either… it’s a fatal flaw… it prevents me to use the software in a professional setting.

this makes me think that I wasted my money on this app… and their response was crappy too, going to write a bad review, sorry…

is this reply all that algoriddim is capable of?!?!? I’ll write a bad review and I want my money back!


well that is the lesser issue, I’m aware that I can’t have HD video processing on the ipad but it still should be able to stretch video to full screen at playback, that is what every other VJ app is doing, so why can’t algoriddim do it? and why did it take weeks for a reply that didn’t even address the original issue?

Same here, outputs to 480p. I can mirror the app and use the first party video player at full screen 1080p

I have the older apple av adapter (it was revised later) on the iPad 3.

Hi, I have the same problem on my iPad2 : videos doesn’t stretch the whole screen… I think it’s a limitation from Vjay because if you play video with another app, the image is full HD ! :-/

Another problem : the quality is like the firsts DV codecs O_o

Has this been resolved yet ?

Hello, I wonder if a solution could be to calculate effects internally with 720p resolution but scale them up to 1080p before sending the signal to the HDMI port? Because ohne problem for me is the reduced resolution in combination with a projector which leads to an unwanted grey frame around the video actually played.

Mine used to work full screen and now all of a sudden it’s not working that way any more. Now I have boarders around my video. Did something change after the new iOS update?