Is there a way to get the sync button to un-sync?

Using DJ-PRO on Mac with Pioneer DDJ-SR, and the sync button works fine however when it lowers the BPM to match the previous track, I then have to do the following:

  1. Slowly lower the BPM slider until it meets the current BPM setting
  2. Once there, I then have to slowly bring the beat up to activate the green LED so that I have the correct BPM for the song
  3. Pressing the sync button again just simply switches the red light off and doesn’t bring the song to the right BPM again (and this works perfectly with Serato)

Is it a mapping setting? Is it an enhancement request?

Many Thanks,


Hi Anil,

thank you for your post.

Have you tried to un-sync by using SHIFT+SYNC?

Hope this is helping and have fun mixing.

Lukas E.