Is there a way to make the decks behave more like Cdjs than records?

Exactly as the topic title suggests. Am using Djay Pro for the first time and my initial observations would be that theres no auto cue and no option to be able to switch between turntable and cdj mode. Is this correct?

Doesn’t the top right button just change from turntable to picture disk? the behaviour of the decks stays the same?

I was curious what auto-cue was so I had to google it. Turns out, CDJ users benefit from auto-cue because the deck has no memory of the last time you played a track from a CD. So there is no way for it to know that you want it to start at a certain point, so auto-cue was invented to basically jump to the first major beat. I have experienced this myself in current versions of Virtual DJ now do this: the very first time a track is loaded it puts a temporary cue at the first beat. However, with any DJing software, since you won’t be loading and playing the song for the first time at the gig, you will have already placed a cue point exactly where you want it (rather than just the first beat), making you much more prepared than before. In the options check the box that says when loading a track, jump to the first cue point!

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Unfortunately the auto cue function is not available in djay Pro. 
And to switch between turntable and CDj mode just click on the different symbols on the top right corner of the interface. 
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