Is there a way to play from Hot Cue by just tapping the Hot Cue button in Djay Pro?

Please, it’s very useful if it had!

You know, there was no way to do it in the past so I gave up and actually changed my behavior across my other dj programs. I just hit the cue to line the track up where I want to start then hit the play button to fire it.

Hi there,

thank you for your post. Could you tell us which controller you are using?
Normally hitting and holding the preferred Cue Point and pressing the Play Button of your controller would do this for you.

If you re working only with your keyboard for deck 1, try press holding e.g. “Q” for cue point 1 and while pressing “Q” hitting the “1”.
For deck 2 it is press hold “U” and hitting “0”.

Hope this is helping.

Lukas E.

I’m using DDJ-Wego. I’m referring to pressing only one cue botton, as in denon models.