Is there a way to Scene Save in djay Pro AI

I find myself using Pro AI for single song video production. The problem I have run into is setting up detailed effect chains and precise level settings, like you would on a DAW, and have no way to recall my extensive work product. I feel if you are going to have a lot of amazing features, there is going to eventually be a way to save your exact desktop.
If you can’t do this, this might make a good feature request/
As a sidenote, for your next product I would happily buy midi sync DAW software from Algoriddim.
My dream product is software that integrated Djay with a basic MIDI software sequencer (think Atari ST or Opcode Vision) for hardware, plus a basic version of LIVE… an all-in-one Algoriddim product.

you should probably take a look at this page: Link-enabled music making products | Ableton
I’d wager you have something on that list (ProTools?) and can make what you want to happen with some thought

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Thank you for your reply. Will check out that page.