Is there a way to use a usb with iPad and Rane one

On the weekend l played at a gig and another dj friend of mine asked if he could plug in his usb stick…
I told him it couldn’t be done a# l didn’t have a usb port,
My question to anyone that may know,
Could I get a powered usb hub and plug that into the iPad camera adapter and then plug the Rane one into one of the ports of the usb hub and also plug a usb stick into one of the hub ports?
I guess if that worked I would be able to read the tracks on the usb from the Files folder?

@maurizio_T I just tried this with my USB-C iPad and powered USB-C hub. I was able to see the songs on the USB within the Files app. I was also able to see them within djay through the Files source. I was able to import the tracks, but when I tried to load them into a deck I received an error message and they wouldn’t play. Seems like this should work with some more messing around, but that’s about all the time I’m willing to spend on it.


I might try it out to see if I get the same result,
Is you USB hub A/C powered up?
There was YouTube video that I saw with a guy wanting to do the similar thing that I want to do albeit he wasn’t using the app but if the USB hub wasn’t powered, it wouldn’t work… As soon a he powered it up, he can play the music

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@maurizio_T well, I’m guessing that was the issue. Connected the hub to power and also used a higher quality USB drive. Seems to work just fine once you’ve imported a folder of music or individual tracks into the Files source.

Just make sure your friend with the USB stick has actual music files on there and not just a Rekordbox or Engine library collection.