Is there any Android setting to not turn off the screen while using the Djay Pro App?

I use Djay in Automix to listen in the car and on speakers via Bluetooth, but the screen turns off after a while and the music stops playing, I just found a setting that keeps it on if it’s charging. I wanted to know if there is any configuration so that it stays on even without it being on the charger like the GPS apps.

Hi @DJ_Reinaldo_Hits, there’s no setting within the djay app for this. Also, there aren’t a lot of Android users in this community, so you might get a quicker answer to this question in an Android forum or via Google. Thanks.

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Slackjaw is right, what you have is an Android question, and not a DJay question per say. You have much better luck getting an answer with going to Google or an Android subreddit/forum , and search for “keep screen on without charging android” the reason being is there’s people all over the world wondering how to keep the screen on without it being plugged in. Going to be kinds of questions tons of answers, but you actually might be the first person to ask that on this form.
Plus, no offense but Algoriddim makes Android users feel like an unwanted stepchild, although they’re getting better.

So here’s the best I could come up with to answer your question without sending you somewhere else

I just dug through developer options on the phone thinking it would be there but the phone has to be plugged in for the screen to stay on natively.

There are third-party apps that are free in the app store that will do it, I typed in quote keep screen on without charging into the Play store" if they won’t keep him on indefinitely you can always extend it out to like 30 minutes without it turning off.

Also make sure on your DJay app that battery optimizations are turned off. This is in different places on different androids, but typically you can hold the app icon and click on info in the pop-up. Make sure it has all permission enabled, and to run in the background, control system settings or whatever is disabled, enable it…
One of the permissions that this app requests is to “keep screen awake” , so before you go to a third party app you might want to check those permissions if you haven’t already.
I don’t know if mine stays awake, while using the app without it being plugged in or not I’ll have to check that

Thanks for that @Patch_ed

It’s not always about Android, there are apps that without configuring anything stay on all the time, for example GPS app (Waze) delivery app (IFOOD), these stay on all the time without needing to change anything. It seems so to me, this app already comes with features of not turning off the screen regardless of Android settings.

yes, go into ur settings and find screen timeout timer and choose the longest time

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