Is there anything hapenning ?

I mean, i’ve tested on a friend mac Djay pro, made the beta of Windows but I cannot use since it doesn’t support USB external soundcards like the audio DJ 2 /4, last update was many months ago.

There are still many many many easy features missing (like minutes marker, disable crossfader option, different EQ profiles like a full kill and so son, the list is so much long to be a minimum equal in feature like Serato, Traktor, Mixvibes, VDJ…)

There is also no new release for mac since ages and still no decent support for external soundcard for WIndows.

So my question is, is there something happening ?

Seen also so many controllers not beeing supported (making himself a midi mapping is NOT a solution) make me also doubt will I be able one day to use this software with the desired controller and desired soundcard ?

Nobody has answered ?

I am still using Serato and when i see the list of supported Midi controllers, Jesus, we still have the feeling that this is an abandoned software.

When do we will have support for external soundcard ?
When will the latest released Midi controllers be support ? Just the latest Pioneer, Denon and Numark series should be an start.
When will be the next update ? May 2017 is so long time ago ?