Is there no alternative to manual MIDI map of Hercules?

I purchased a Hercules to get my skills up without dropping thousands on DJ equipment. I got the DJCONTROL MIX so I could do both on my phone and PC. However, it seems the PC version only wants to manually map MIDI and boy does that not work out well. The jog wheels for one, work on 2 different MIDI signals. One for pressing down and activating and another for the scratch/jog. That seem impossible to map manually as it. What is crazy to me, is that the ANDROID version of DJay software seems to easily and automatically map everything to perfect functionality just by connecting. Why this is not the case on the Windows version is a mystery to me. I would think, logically, if autoconfig works on android, it should be a feature on the PC, maybe with manual maps if wanted to tweek, but not just to use it. Aside from the fact that there is just no way to get fluid functionality on the Hercules thru manual map. If I was using my AKAI keyboard or something, sure…but this is a device with Algoriddim stamped right on it…Am I missing something here? Is there a download for mappings that could properly configure it? I got so disappointed and frustrated I just quit trying right after got feeling really good on phone app but wanted the reduction of latency the PC would offer since was at home at time. Probably going to make a YouTube video to counter the one where the guy just plugs into laptop and starts scratching as he must have done a lot of off-camera programming and buyers need know that is misleading to point you probably don’t want get it if you want use on PC at all, cause who doesn’t have some other MIDI device like an MPK they could use just as well if have to manually map. Unless you guys can make me look dumb and point me to some auto-configure for this little Hercules controller in the Windows version of the PC app for it.

Hey @PiMusic,

Thank you for writing about this here in the Algoriddim Community and for sharing your feedback.

As a special exception, to help you out with your Hercules DJ Control Mix, we’d like to share this unofficial MIDI-mapping:

Hercules DJControl Mix.djayMidiMapping (28.1 KB)

Hopefully, this is a good alternative to mapping the controller manually.


A question related with this. Is it possible to re-map controls in djay for android using djcontrol mix? I want to assing buttons to loop functions in, out and so,…