Is there no way to edit a tracks key information?

Checking out the trial version- everything seems good so far except this one issue.

A large majority of the auto-analyzed keys seem to be incorrect. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to edit this information.

Being able to see what key a track is in is something that can make or break my desire to purchase the full version.

How do I edit key info?

-this is specifically for tracks I’m getting off Spotify. Is it impossible to edit this information?

I tested a Tag Editor and overwrote the KEY.
DJayPro overwrote the new Key info to
It’s original analysis.
Maybe if there is an edit mode such as the beat grid info?

iTunes does not store KEY info on song.
Right click on song in Djay.
Show song in iTunes.
Right click song/ show song info.
There you’ll see tag

Hi there,

which analysation did you used prior, before djay Pro 2?

What genre are you working with mainly?

Where is the tag info and BPM metadata for that matter stored? Does DJay write to media files?