Is there peaking when pushing gain for external mixer ?


I have a new analog rotary mixer, and If I want to see the volume LEDS blink I need to push the gain on each decks inside Djay Pro, in external mixer mode. But then the VUMeter goes into the red, and it’s never a good sign for sound quality.

When you goes into the red, is there some sort of peaking ?

What make and model is the mixer?

You say it’s analog, so how are you getting the audio from DJay (on a Mac?) into the mixer?

You also say that DJay is in external mixer mode, so are you using an external audio interface between the computer and the mixer? If so, what is it?

Hi @le3_dj,

  1. Please share screenshots of your djay Settings>Sound including Audio Limiter, Auto Gain and Output Headroom settings.
  2. Note that the LED VU meters in djay are channel levels and not master level meters.
  3. Also in general djay has a lot of built-in internal headroom, so even if you see the channel LED VU meters hitting the red this doesn’t necessarily mean the master output is clipping.
  4. How does the input signal sound on your mixer? Clean or Distorted?

I’m away right now but I’ll check next week.
The model of my mixer is DJR-400, this one DJR-400 - E&S DJR-400 - Audiofanzine

Otherwise I think I’m in the clear with these settings

I would suggest having audio limiter and auto gain turned ON to protect from overload/distortion.

You’ve now confirmed that the mixer is completely analogue, so my other question remains - how are you getting two separate stereo channels (as per external mixer setting) from your Mac into the mixer?

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Maybe the soundcard you are using have a weak signal -
Remember RED is bad , ALWAYS

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