Is there somekind of protect your active turntable / deck in Djay?

Is there any way to protect my active turntable when I accidently load a new track in the wrong deck?



Just to help close this topic off… this feature has now been added to the iPad version and works quite nicely. (I can confirm that it’s definitely there.)

Hopefully this problem will not occur again for you kpow!




This option is not available in the iPad version.

Only protects you from loading a new song onto an active deck.

Can you please tell if this is something which will be added as an update to the ipad version in the near future?


Yes, in the preferences under “General”.

Which version are you using? Directly above what you have copied should be a box to check labeled: “Protect active turntable”.

Sorry, I just can’t find it in the settings / General menu… What option do you use?
I only see:

Play immediately (off)
Jump to Cue Point (off)
Reset EQ (on)

Start Delay (0)
Stop Delay (0)

Rang 10%
Invert (off)
Fine adjust (off)


I have the ipad version and upgraded to the latest version. No Protect active turntable in the options menu for me ;-(

Any idea what to do here?

Please DO SOMETHING about this feature for iPad. I’m at the end of my tether with dJay for iPad for this reason. I have been using my iPad with Numark’s MixDeck Quad for a few weeks now. I dj a weekly residency and the last gig I was distracted while one of the club goer’s came up and asked for a song request…you guessed it I hit search on the turntable that was playing the current track. It completely stopped the song I was playing and needless to say ruined the vibe on the packed dance floor.
I understand my mistake is the root for that failure, but SERIOUSLY!? You have this feature on the Mac version, but don’t bother to add it to the iPad one? I’m not bringing my laptop instead. Fix it for iPad. You want to be taken more seriously for professional dj’ing? Next update include and soon. Otherwise I’m not using any Algoriddim programs when playing out.

What exactly does it protect?

  • loading a new song on the active deck?
  • mistakenly press the play button on active deck while it it playing?
  • anything else?